What is a Kairos fellow?

Becoming a Kairos fellow is a commitment to impact, and we hope that once we welcome you into the community, you take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you throughout the year. More importantly, we hope you continue to support each other on the path to creating meaningful ventures, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.



Kairos Fellows are scientists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs who have the skill and desire to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges. We provide these select young individuals a platform by which they can connect to a global community of peers, mentors, industry leaders, opportunities, and resources to solve these global issues.

Fellow guidelines

Kairos Fellows are ambitious, have global aspirations, strong senses of purpose and passion, and know that cross-border collaboration and diversity are key forces to drive innovation.


“The pioneers of tomorrow pushing the world forward today”


Focus Areas

High Potentials | Proven Trackrecord | Age < 26



Clean tech

High Tech

Why join Kairos Society

“What if the leaders of today were friends 30 years ago, working together to solve our world’s greatest challenges?”


Being a Kairos fellow has multiple advantages


Thought leadership



How to join Kairos Kairos Society

Twice a year there is the oppertunity to apply for Kairos Society. The application process is displayed below

get in touch with our Fellowship Director via fellowship@kairossociety.nl